Shishio's fanatical follower

Name: Sadojino Houji

Nickname: One-Hundred Senses

Age: 30-40

Friends and Allies: Shishio, Sojiro, Yumi, Juppongatana

Enemies: Kenshingumi, Oniwabanshuu

First appearance: Kyoto Arc

Biography: Houji worked for the Meiji government, but grew increasingly worried about Japan's future in the face of the colonization of Asia by the European powers. The Meiji government showed itself powerless and too weak to stave off colonization by the Netherlands and Portugal. His pleas for more power fell on deaf ears and he finally quit in disgust. Eventually, Houji met Shishio Makoto and saw in him the strength Japan needed to keep the European powers at bay.

Personality: Houji's devotion to Shishio and his cause is maniacal and obsessive. The depth of his obsession and loyalty play out after Shishio's battle with Kenshin.